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Get to Know the Krewe of Sobek

The Krewe of Sobek is dedicated to bringing the time-honored traditions and experience of Mardi Gras to the inner city.  We are a non-profit, social and charitable organization founded in April 2003. The Krewe’s goals are to support organizations that provide a helpful hand to those in need within our community. Also, to provide fellowship among the members and the community, take part in charitable and non-political civic causes and participate in various parades and celebrations in the Louisiana area.

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The Story of Sobek

The Krewe of Sobek


The Mardi Gras Krewe of Sobek was formed in 2003 to promote Mardi Gras in the minority communities of Shreveport. Our Krewe emblem, Sobek, is the Egyptian crocodile god, and is believed to have brought order to the Universe. Sobek symbolized the might of the Egyptian Pharaoh and represented the four Egyptian elemental gods; Ra of fire, Shu of air, Geb of earth, and Osiris of water. In addition to our King and Queen, We chose to represent the elemental gods and call our court members Keepers.  Keeper of Fire; Keeper of Wind; Keeper of Earth and Keeper of Water.


Our nine founders: Saundra Bigham, Frances Flentroy, Mike Flentroy; Wanda Flurry; Linda Holden; Lyndon Johnson; Fred Moss IV; Pierson and Jerome Scorggins had a vision of rolling in the neighborhood in our own parade and the concept of “party with a purpose” was formed. With the motto of “Rebirth, Strength and Tenacity”, we are non-profit and committed to supporting charitable causes and organizations and giving back to the community.

I Am 


(aka Sebek, Sobk, Suchos, Sebeq, Souchos)


Sobek, god of the water, sometimes known as the “crocodile god” is symbolic of pharaonic might. To honor Sobek, live crocodiles would be kept in pools at temples. The people of Egypt worshipped the god to gain his protection and strength. To his worshippers, he was a god who created the Nile, a god of fertility and rebirth, and the symbolic ruler of Egypt. The Egyptians seemed to both respect and fear the power of the crocodile. As a result of this, the “crocodile gods” were seen as ambivalent creatures. As with many of the other protective gods in times of need, “crocodile gods” gave strength and fortitude so that worshippers may overcome obstacles. Sobek symbolized the might of the Egyptian pharaoh. He was both admired and feared for his ferocity. Sobek also represented the four Egyptian gods: Ra of Fire, Shu of Air, Geb of Earth and Osiris of Water.  

April 1, 2003                           9 individuals created new Mardi Gras Krewe in Shreveport: 

Saundra Bigham           Francis Flentroy            Mike Flentroy                                 Wanda Flourry             Linda Holden                Lyndon B. Johnson 

Fred Moss IV                Carl Pierson                  Jerome Scroggins 


August 14, 2003:                      The Krewe of Sobek was approved by the Internal Revenue Service for a tax exempt

501 (c) (4) rating.  


September 7, 2003                    Held its first Coronation, introducing the Captain & Royalty 


February 6, 2004:                      Held its first Bal, “An Evening on the Nile” 


February 7, 2004:                     1st predominantly African American Mardi Gras Krewe to parade with its own float in the

African American History Parade  


September 10, 2004:                 Held its 2nd Coronation, introducing the new Royal Court 


January 7, 2005:                       Bal II “Rio on the Red”


January 8, 2005:                       Held its 1st Annual Krewe of Sobek Mardi Gras parade in the Queensborough neighborhood

in Shreveport, La


September 9, 2005:                   3rd Sobek Coronation


January 13, 2006:                      Grande Bal III “Wild Wild West”


January 14, 2006:                      2nd Annual Sobek Mardi Gras parade

Grande Marshal: LA State Senator Lydia Jackson 


September 8, 2006:                   4th Annual Coronation 


January 12, 2007:                      Grande Bal IV “All That Jazz”


January 13, 2007:                      3rd Annual Mardi Gras parade

Grande Marshal:  Mayor Cedric Glover, first African- American Mayor of Shreveport 


September 14, 2007:                 5th Annual Coronation


January 11, 2008:                      Grande Bal V “Sobek Goes to Africa,”


January 12, 2008:                      4th Annual Mardi Gras parade

Grande Marshal: Ronnie Prude of the Baltimore Ravens

Parade Marshal: Chief Tgobe Asogli II Ewe Tribe of Asogli Traditional Council, Volta Region, Ghana, West Africa (American Name, Ernest Lampkins, 1st African-American 

Mayor of Greenwood LA). 


September 12, 2008:                 6th Annual Coronation


January 9, 2009:                       Grande Bal VI “Fairy Tales”


January 10, 2009:                      5th Annual Mardi Gras parade

Parade Marshals: Bernice Whitehurst and Mamie Wallace, Civil Rights workers here in the City of Shreveport.

Grande Marshal was the City of Shreveport Police Chief, Henry Whitehorn, 1st African American to serve in that post. 


September 11, 2009:                 7th Annual Coronation


January 22, 2010:                      Grande Bal VII “Fantastic Voyage” 


January 23, 2010:                      6th Annual Mardi Gras parade

Grande Marshal: Louie the Lightning Bug from AEP-SWEPCO. 


September 10, 2010:                 8th Annual Coronation


January 21, 2011:                      Grande Bal VIII “Black Pearls, White Diamonds”


January 22, 2011:                      7th Annual Mardi Gras parade


September 9, 2011:                   9th Annual Coronation


January 20, 2012:                      Grande Bal IX “Life’s a Masquerade


January 21, 2012:                      8th Annual Mardi Gras parade


September 14, 2012:                 Coronation held to start the 10th Year Celebration


January 18, 2013:                      Grande Bal X “All Things Grande; ConFunkShun guest Entertainment 


January 19, 2013:                      9th Annual Mardi Gras parade


September 13, 2013:                 11th Annual Coronation


January 17, 2014:                      Grande Bal XI “Sobek Under the Big Top”


January 18, 2014:                      10th Annual Mardi Gras Parade


September 12, 2014:                 12th Annual Coronation  


January 16, 2015:                      Grande Bal XII “Sobek Goes to Paris”


January 17, 2015:                      11th Annual Mardi Gras parade


September 11, 2015:                 13th Annual Coronation


January 15, 2016:                      Grande Bal XIII “Sobek Goes to Hollywood”


January 16, 2016:                      12th Annual Mardi Gras parade

Grande Marshal: Sheryl Underwood, Comedian, TV talk show host


September 9, 2016:                   14th Annual Coronation


January 13, 2017:                      Grande Bal XIV “Lost In Space”


January 14, 2017:                      13th Annual Mardi Gras parade


September 15, 2017:                 15th Annual Coronation


January 12, 2018:                      Grande Bal XV “Sports Mania”


January 13, 2018:                      14th Annual Mardi Gras parade


September 8, 2018:                   16th Annual Coronation


January 18, 2019:                      Grande Bal XVI “Disco Nights”


January 19, 2019:                      15th Annual Mardi Gras parade

Our History

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