• Sobek

May 2016



Monday, May 9, 2016 @ 6:00 pm

Old Reeves Marine Center

(On the Red Event Center) - Bossier City


Meeting call to order @ 6:08 by Captain, Tari Bradford

Invocation- Lloyd Thompson

Captain update: Tari Bradford

Captain congratulated Gloria & Felecia for success on Relay for Life, Captain also thanked the Krewe for their support in the event. Gave Kudos to Gary Theus (absent) received an award, The Pride Award, given to all hospitality industries. Received notice of upcoming bid, notified Melvin, Virgin, Gary, and Saundra, bid will take place on June 8, 2016. Notified Melvin he will need to present promptly @ 9:00. Captain advised since the Krewe advised the city of irregularities in bidding process, the City will be making sure we arrive on time. Captain advised Krewe members are able to attend the bidding process, but the only persons able to bid are Melvin (as the letter was addressed to him), and Virgin as a backup. Captain suggested the board meeting be postponed until after the June 8th bidding, was advised by Saundra Captain is able to change the date at her discretion. The Captain states she will change the date and advise the board of date change. Advised body board gave permission to extend bidding process to 20k. Advised Virgin will still continue to work with Shauna until transition has been complete.

The Scribe Report Shauna Ferguson

General Meeting Minutes were emailed for corrections and review. Minutes were approved by Saundra and 2nd by Verna, motion carried to accept Scribe’s report.

Treasure Report  Thyjuan Jamison

Treasurer’s Report was emailed for review and corrections. No questions. Motion to approve the Treasurer’s report Saundra Bigham, and 2nd by Verna 

Committee Reports:

Beads/Mementos: Gary Theus

No report at this time

Den: Melvin Nelson

No report at this time

Float: Daryl/Carl (Float Lt. Daryl)

Daryl was absent. Captain reported per Daryl, floats are being worked on. Big Blue has a sway; the tongue is being repaired. Floats are secured and are being able to be worked on as needed.

Membership:  Josephine Miles

Dues are being collected. Advised all members who were financial during the Mardi Gras season are still financial until May 31. 8 members who were not financial last season are now financial this season. 25 first time members. Advised of the 93 members from last season 43 of 93 are financial to date (5/9). 76 members are financial for 2016-1017 season. Advised fees are late June 1st.  48 members signed in for Mixer and 35 guests signed in for the Mixer. 6 guests became members @ the mixer.  Continued to advised of “Sobek” pins are being purchased for 12.00 As of 5/9 39 request for pins 35 paid. Advised pin order will go in by next week or two advised only those orders that have been paid for will be ordered. Introduced new members. They are as follows: Tiffany White, Eric White, and Barbara White. Advised fi new members have not joined committees please join a committee. New Members Orientation, Tuesday June 7 @ p.m. Location: Residence Inn in Bossier City. Motion moved by Lloyd Thompson and 2nd by Ms. Verna. Motion to accept membership report carried.

Publicity: Andrea Kelly

(please see attached report) Publicity chair corrected initial report of deficit on Souvenir book. Advised of profit 183.75   Also, a text reminder has been established to receive all updates text “@sobekian” to 81010 to be added and the body will receive any Captain’s or Scribe’s updates.  Advised revamping the web page. Advised will be revamping all pages slowly. Motion moved by Janet Armand and was  2nd by Ms. Verna

Ball:Saundra Bigham

Ball committee meeting: June 1, 2016 (Wednesday) @ 5:30 pm. Location Wyndam Hotel. Advised CD of last year’s ball is missing. Advised it is the original CD NO COPIES CAN BE MADE and she is needing it back ASAP.

Royalty: Tera Cook

Advised has sent Royalty (incoming) of their upcoming meeting. May 21st @ p.m. Location: Wyndam Hotel. 

Unfinished Business:

Gloria reported Relay for Life, showed the beautiful T-shirts that were designed. Gloria had t-shirts of those members who had yet to pick up their t-shirts. No extra t-shirts were ordered. Advised of outstanding donations. Represented with 300.00 on the night of the event. Special thanks were given to: Ms. Verna, Lloyd, Janet, Barbara (absent), Pat, Billy, and Andrea. The survivor full course dinner was very well received by the 80 attendees. Gloria reports, she will be chairing the committee again next year. Thanked all who participated and donated. 

New Business

Krewe members announced graduations of their children, and family members.

Janet Armand passed out menus of her daughter’s new business, located in downtown Shreveport. Located in the Chase building. 

Robin Alexander announced she is requesting donations to continue her run for Order of Eastern Star Queen(state).  Robin has extended to her Sobekian family special rates for her message sessions. A one-hour session will be 40.00 and a portion will be donated to her run for Queen. The gift certificate will need to be purchased by June 5. Please contact Robin for details.

Meeting adjourned @ 642.