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June 2016




Monday, June 13, 2016


Reeves Marine

Meeting call to order                                                      Tari T. Bradford @ 6:05

Invocation          Carl Pierson

Captain update:          Tari Bradford

 The Captain read the poem of “Everybody, Somebody, Nobody and Anybody” as an introduction to thank Virgin Rachel, Gary Theus, and Melvin Nelson, who assisted Tari with bidding process and obtaining the property @ 2505 Fulton.  She advised of procedures of completing the process. Captain advised Virgin will assist in completing research that has to be completed. Advised of steps that will need to be taken: a notice has to be sent to each person listed on legal public notice/ if there are delinquent taxes on property a notice has to be sent/wait 2 weeks after mailing notice before advertisement for legal public notice/ wait 60 days then submit monies to clerk’s office in addition to affidavits to show we have completed all steps. Captain advised taxes on property will not be paid by persons owning property. Captain reminded about late dues and also reminded if the body is not receiving notices to contact Scribe.

The Scribe’s Report                                                         Shauna Ferguson

Scribe report was motioned to be accepted by Carl Pierson and 2nd by Shirley Pierson.

Treasurer’s Report                                                         Thyjuan Jamison

Treasurer’s report was motioned to be accepted by Janet Armand, and 2nd by Andrea Kelly. Shirley Pierson asked a question concerning the amt of 7.000 were removed twice. Thyjuan explained monies were only removed once.

Committee Reports:

Ball:                                                   Saundra Bigham

Advised Board recommended if increase of tickets to 80.00 we do not have a presale and advised monies would be lost with a pre-sale. Advised of last year’s presale for members only of 60.00/if tickets are increased to 80.00 to cover the open bar, no pre-sale is recommended. (October-November 15 is pre-sale time). Brought to body if we are going to have an open bar and if we go with an open bar will we have a pre-sale. Advised if a pre-sale is given, date of pre-sale will be strictly enforced. Advised any sales under 80.00 will not make a profit will only make a profit. Advised of low Sponsorship.  Advised profit is driven through member tables.  Advised of 25,000 profit from last year after pre-sale tickets of 60.00. Advised we will need to cover the cost of the open bar this year. Advised open bar will include: water, sodas, beer, wine and well alcohol. Advised she and captain will meet with Convention center as they were told of the additional 10.00 (reason for increase to 80.00) explained open bar does not mean unlimited drinks. They will be capping the open bar to the price of 8000 (which is based on last year’s attendance of 800 people X 10.00 increase) Suggestion was made to have on tickets two complimentary drinks, which would also include beer, wine, water, or soda—period. Advised pre-sale is ONLY for Krewe, general public tickets are 80.00. Advised last year if a deposit was made and the table was not paid in full, the remaining money due was still at pre-sale price. This year, if table is not paid in full by pre-sale date, the remaining monies due will be at 80.00 price-period.  Carl Pierson made a motion to increase ticket sales to 80.00 but no open bar/ but to have a cash bar. Pre-Sale will be October-November 15 @ 70.00. 

Motion was carried. Josephine 2nd motion. One opposed. After motion carried, Saundra explained table lottery to new members. Explained if discounted price is wanted to be kept ALL tables will have to be paid for by November 15, any monies owed will be at the remaining price of 80.00. Advised we are in need of sponsors.  Explained sponsorship gives free advertisement on all papers, full page ad in souvenir book, riser seating, name on screen, and signage on float. Report was moved and 2nd to accept report.

Beads/Mementos:                         Gary Theus

Advised will have a Krewe bead finalized by next meeting. Brought to body if there is anyone (business) that does shirts, cups, would like to use local talent. Advised will bring examples on next meeting. Will have bead packages. 

Den:                                                   Melvin Nelson

Melvin explained once all papers are in order, we should be having our float loading, welcome to the den at the location. Once papers are received we will go in immediately to begin clean-up process. Advised at next meeting will have budget available for renovations. Advised will need pledges from Krewe. There are updates on the electrical, and a few repairs on the roof. Will change the front in order to accommodate floats coming in and out. (2505 Fulton)

Float:                                                 Daryl/Carl (Float Lt. Daryl)

No new information concerning float. 


Captain explained Fundraising is in need of a Chairperson, and requested for the individual bodies to think about becoming the Fundraising Chair.

Membership:                                   Josephine Miles

Advised of productive new member orientation/ advised of 28 new members attend, and had committee chairs expound on the duties of each committee. Explained that if one signs up for a committee please attend those committee meetings. Advised if there is someone who has not assigned to a committee please see her. 102 financial members/still working on Captain’s number of 125. Will be sending out notices to those members who are not currently financial encouraging them they are missed. Advised new members who did not attend orientation please see her for new member package which includes by laws. Advised pins have been ordered. Advised pin were ordered in May and should return in July or August.  Advised extra pins were ordered and will see if additional pins will need to be ordered. Advised will be looking at the retention rate of former members. Advised some were 1st time members and she will be reaching out especially to those.  Lloyd Thompson motioned and Verna 2nd. Motion carried and report was approved. 

Parade:                                               Shirley Pierson

Advised of price for parades 3@ 25.00. Advised has not yet completed attire for float. Lloyd moved and Shirley 2nd motion carried. 

Publicity:                                             Andrea Kelly

Advised of upcoming Publicity meeting which will be a phone meeting. Gave phone number and explained how to sign in to meeting. Also gave information to receive updates (June 23rd @ 630 publicity meeting number) for all things Sobek---@Sobekian 81010. Lloyd moved and Saundra 2nd motion carried. 

Royalty:                                               Tera Cooke

1st meeting was May 21, follow up meeting in July. Challis were ordered/ fabric was passed down so at this time no need to purchase fabric. Coronation was explained as to where Royalty is introduced. Will have Royalty Coronation will be at the Wyndham. Pre-Sales 30.00 until August 1st after August 1st tickets will increase to 40.00 tables before August 1st 240.00 after August 1st tables are 320.00. Hoping to increase Krewe participation at 12th Night festivities.  Advised of upcoming meeting @ June 20 @ p.m.  Motion was moved and 2nd (Shirley Pierson) motion carried. 

Unfinished Business

New Business


Gary Theus thanked the Captain for her leadership in overseeing the purchase of the den. 

Meeting was adjourned @ 710 pm


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