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July 2018 General Body Meeting

Date: July 9, 2018

Time: 6pm

Location: Boys’ and Girls’ Club

2821 Greenwood Road

Shreveport, Louisiana 71109

Meeting Called to Order: 6 :06

Invocation: Lloyd Thompson

Captain’s Report Kevin Moffett

Kudos given to Mike Harris for his membership drive. Introduced new members.

Scribe’s Report Shauna Ferguson

Shirley Roque motioned/Robbie Cox 2nd motion carried

Financial Report Thyjuan Jamison

Robbie Cox motioned/Shirley Pierson 2nd motion carried


Royalty: Valerie White/Marquis Hall

Advised coronation will be September 8 @ 6pm @ Sam’s Town. Tickets are 30.00 until August 13 tickets are 40.00. Table sits 8, can place a deposit for the table. Advised Krewe members are encouraged to decorate their tables. Sabrina is handling the RSVP from other Krewes. Pat Casey and Kristi Smith oversee the silent auctions. Items can be brought in for the silent auction and booze wagon. Marquis Hall oversees the booze wagon. As of date an announcer is needed. Michael Harris motioned/ Shirley Pierson 2nd

Ball Saundra Bigham

Adv:ised Ball tickets to become immediately available following the Coronation. Advised tables will seat 12 as opposed to 10. Advised this was changed during last Ball Committee Meeting. Advised secured convention center for 01/18/2019 doors are to open @ 6pm. Tickets are 70.00 (members until November 30/ After November ALL tickets will be 80.00) voted was placed on the floor to increase the table size from 10-12 (18) opposed (16) Michael Harris motioned/Jerushka Ellis 2nd

Beads: Gary Theus

No report /showed specialty beads and advised krewe to purchase specialty beads. Advised order will go out tomorrow for specialty beads. Advised also only 50% down payment. Jerushka motioned/Robbie Cox 2nd

Fundraising: Anitra Furlow

T-shirts may be picked up from the Captain. Asking each member to purchase 5 @ 5.00 (tentative item a Dell laptop). Tickets will be available in August. Shirley Roque/Robbie Cox 2nd motion carried.

Den: Chip Bryant

Kudos given to Valerie and Eric White for locating a contractor. Contractor (Mr Rabb) is charging 37,100.00 (electrical/hvac, construction and plumbing) for party room ONLY. Chip advised will need to repair damaged door. Lloyd motioned and Kristi 2nd report carried. To move forward with construction on the Den. Advised will need to purchase a lock for storage. Lloyd motioned/Mike 2nd Den report was accepted.

Float: Carl Pierson/Darryl Lane

No report

Membership: Michael Harris

Advised member is 102. Advised 16 members attended new membership orientation on 06/25. Advised late fee of 25.00 is being assessed now for returning members. August 6 @ 7 is the tentative time for an additional new membership orientation. Valerie moved/ Shirley 2nd motion carried

Publicity: Andrea Kelly

No report

Scholarship: Janice Horton

No report

Outreach: Sabrina Moffett

Advised collected items to fill backpacks for back to school in August. Will be giving supplies to Boys and Girls Club. Advised date to donate supplies will be announced at a later date. Shirly Pierson motioned/Shirley Roque 2nd.

Parade: Shirley Pierson

Reminder costume for season, afro wig(optional)/tinted eyeglasses(required)/headband(required) and tie dye shirt (required) total for costume is 30.00. Costumes may be purchased until October 1. Thomas Edwards motioned/Marquis Hall 2nd report carried.

Old Business:

New Business:

Meeting Adjourned: 7:08

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