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August 2014 General Membership Meeting

August General Membership Meeting

August 11, 2014

JS Clark Elementary

Meeting called to order at 6:11 PM

Invocation offered by Janet Armand

Scribe’s Report – emailed to members for review and corrections – Robbie Cox motioned to accept the report, Shirley Roque seconded, motioned carried

Treasurer’s Report – emailed to members for review and corrections – Janet Armand motioned to accept the report, Barbara Bryant seconded, motion carried.

No old/new business

Committee Reports

Ball – Saundra Bigham

No report. Announcement – ball committee meeting will be at Clarion on Tuesday at 5:30 PM on 8/19 to discuss a new seating chart for the ball.

Beads – Gary Theus

Order forms for Beads are available. Last day is 9/1/14. Beads are modeled for viewing. You may drop them at the Hotel or call his cell 349-9440. Tamesha Lane motioned to accept the report, Verna Norris, motion carried.

Coronation/Royalty – Tera Cooke

Chairperson is not present.

Saundra Bigham announced that if any Royalty has their bio, please turn them into Saundra. Invitations are available. Tickets are available. The email reported that the coronation ticket sales are over half way there. Mrs. Verna has tickets available now at 40 per ticket. Tamesha Lane motioned to accept the report, Denise Pleasant seconded, motion carried.

Fundraising – Tari Bradford

Thanks to Denise Pleasant for working on the Prince and Princess Fundraiser. Only one person turned up to participate. Recommended that next year they start earlier but it is postponed. Tickets for Bowl-A-Rama are available. We are planning for 55 guests. We printed more tickets. Silent Auction items are being accepted. She will come to you if you have something available. Masquerade is on Halloween. Tickets will be held until Coronation is at least half way there. Last day was supposed to be at the end of August but she will take them as long as she has time to get them. Bowl-a-rama is 8/30 from 9-11PM for 20 per ticket. Contact is Delisa Mitchell, Johann Cooke, or Tari Bradford. Carl Pierson motioned to accept the report, Verna Norris seconded, motion carried

Membership – Josephine Miles

Please check for emails. Sobek is a volunteer organization. We should talk up the organization and go out and recruit new members. We should go out and sell tickets etc. We have goals and we can reach them with recruitment and sales. We are close to the same count as last year with 64 financial members. There are 11 new members and some are on royalty court. If you have any questions, please let us know. Question was raised on the procedure for online access? Is anything available for review like new member packets to people who are interested? We give out applications and send any interested party to the website. She will do copies at cost for members but that is not the normal practice. The question about online access is for the publicity chair. She will ask and send out an email. Josephine Miles motioned to accept the report, Tamesha Lane seconded, motion carried

Parade – Shirley Pierson

Committee meeting held in July. Paris is the theme. We will do the Mime costume without the white face. It will be basic with red suspenders and handkerchief with black pants and tame. She will not be doing the ordering except for tame and suspenders for 10 each. We will be doing 4 parades. Our parade is on January 17, the Highland parade, Centaur is 300, and Harambee Parade. Booklets will be passed out with rules and regulations for float riding. Costumes are mandatory, must provide your beads. We are getting donations. 1500 is promised. You may pay for your parade ahead of time. There is room for everyone. A website is provided on the packet where you can get the entire costume for less than $40 Robbie Cox motioned to accept the report, Carl Pierson seconded, motion carried.

Publicity – Gloria Phillips

Chairperson is not present

Float – Darryl Lane not present

Carl Pierson – board allocated funds for the float and has approved the work. Now it is up to us to get it done. Member is interested in assistance. Fred is interested in assisting. Janet Armand motioned to accept the report, Tamesha Lane seconded, motion carried.


People are asking about our events. We are trying to get in the front of the Centaur parade so that we (definitely royalty) may make Harambee’s ball.

Dan Wimberly is doing better but his sister passed. Shirley sent a card on behalf of the Krewe and he did acknowledge it.

Barbara Bryant will be having surgery and hope to be back for coronation.

Meeting adjourned 6:44 PM

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