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July 2014 General Membership Meeting

General Membership July 2014

JS Clark Elementary

Call to Order 6:13 PM

Invocation offered by Janet Armand

Scribe’s Report – emailed to members for review and corrections – Verna Norris motioned to accept the report, Carl Pierson seconded, motion carried

Treasurer’s Report – emailed to members and Captain provided copies as requested. Carl Pierson motioned to accept the report, Tari Bradford seconded, motion carried

New/Old Business - None provided

Committee Reports

Ball – S Bigham

Convention Center will cater the food for the Ball. Invitations and tickets are available for viewing. Since we will be spending approx. 10000 for food, we need to push ball sales. Ball will be on Friday, January 16 at Convention Center. Emails will be sent with the October lottery information contact information and dates. Tables will be rectangular tables. The layout will be like “walking into the Mulan Rouge.” Tables will still seat 10. Barbara asked if we will have discounted ball tickets. Chair reported there will be no discounts due to cost of food. She will bring other ideas to the board and will report back. Josephine Miles motioned to accept the report, Tari Bradford seconded, motion carried

Gary Theus- Beads

2015 beads were approved. Picture provided for review. It depicts the Paris theme. There are two options; hand strung beads with two colors are $2.50 and Polystone with one color is $1.50. You may purchase however many you want. Ordering by dozen is not required. If you order beads, full payment is due by Sept 1 before the order will be made. This is due to an issue with members not paying for beads that were order during previous seasons. September is the deadline to get the beads back by fall. Order forms are available and payment will be accepted. Tee shirts are still available as an option but 20 shirts are necessary if you want discount. Price has not been discussed. Chair will check prices if members are interested. Captain questions where they would get specialty beads. Gary is unsure. This will be the only order done by the Krewe. Tari Bradford motioned to accept the report, Delisa Mitchell seconded, motion carried

Coronation/Royalty – Tera Cooke

Coronation is September 12 at 8PM at Clarion. Tickets are on sale now for 30 and on August 1 they will go up to 40. Verna or the Chair will accept payment. Theme is Sobek goes to Paris. Chair introduced the 2014-15 court. Eight people can seat at each table. Chair is unsure if you may pay the discounted ticket price online but will check with Gloria.

Saundra Bigham motioned to accept the report, Tari Bradford seconded, motion carried

Float – Daryl Lane

Carl Pierson reported the board voted to allocate $6000 to finish the newest float in payment increments of 2000. Board requests to negotiate the installments and he agreed to 1000 increments to be done before January. Delisa Mitchell motioned to accept the report, Tari Bradford seconded, motion carried

Fundraising – Tari Bradford

Denise Pleasant will serve as chair for the Prince and Princess contest. Packets are available to interested parties. The first meeting will be this Wednesday (should be Tuesday.) The information is mostly the same as last year. This year’s raffle item will be a tablet instead of an IPAD. The under 50 planned event is for all members. Bowlathon will be August 30. Delisa Mile reports the under 50 committee planned a Bowl A Rama for 8/30 from 9-11 PM pizza and soft drinks will be provided for the 20 ticket. There will be a cash bar. You may bowl in groups. Tickets are available at 20 at Holiday Lanes in Bossier. Shoes and necklace and ball will be included. We would like members to purchase tickets and sale tickets. There are 10 lanes reserved. Contract provided to the Captain. This one would be for adults only but other family friendly nights will be consideration. Bowling alley closes at 2 AM so you may stay and do what you like after our paid time is up. We believe we can meet 55 tickets and can always go up.

Silent Auctions items are being accepted. If we get items now, we can exceed last year.

Masquerade Ball – will be on Halloween. Invites will be sent out and tickets will be available. We will notify other Royalty and Krewes. It will be posted on website.

Chair is working on the Trolley Ride.

Packets available for Prince and Princess – Denise Pleasant advises the meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday and not Wednesday. Please bring the kids out to the event. We want to motivate and encourage the kids. 7-9, 10-13, 14-17. Josephine Miles motioned to accept the report, Carl Pierson seconded, motion carried

Membership – J Miles

Some new faces are here today. New member asked to stand for recognition. New members were provided orientation packets. Some were mailed and other provided by hand. Information on bylaws, rules, jackets, and handbooks is available. Handbooks are handed out to all members. It is suggested that information on the Krewe be available at the events. Josephine will provide copies of the Bylaws and handbooks to members and the information will be available on the website. Delisa Mitchell motioned to accept the report, Tari Bradford seconded, motion carried

Parade – Chair is not present

Publicity – Chair is not present

Membership Orientation – Comment chairs are asked to introduce themselves and provided pitches about their committees.

Ball – S Bigham

Grande Bal is French version of Grand Ball. It is the largest fundraising event. All members participate. Please come to periodic meetings. We always need help for the ball, tickets, and seating. 7:30 ticketing is stopped so all members may get into the event.

Beads - Gary Theus

Beads are high pressure but encouraging when the parade and ball comes around.

Question rose about where to umbrellas. It is advised that they are usually made but may be purchased with decoration on it. Everyone should have one.

Coronation – Tera Cooke

Coronation is an awesome committee. The meetings are held monthly. They also plan Royalty events.

Tari Bradford

Silent Auction provides money for the Krewe. Bring in items that people may want to bid on.

Fundraising Tari Bradford

She would love creativity in members that would encourage people to come to the events. We are about community services so will need to raise funds for some events.

Parade – Shirley Pierson not present

Josephine Miles – Parade committee is a hard working committee so if you do not want to work you will be kicked off. They go to work right after the ball. If you are interest please sign up. We pay to ride the floats in addition to our membership due. It was $25 a ride last year but some parades are more expensive like Centaur. There is a limit on rider.

Publicity – Gloria Phillips not present

Josephine Miles – Publicity runs the webpage and social media.

Float – Daryl Lane

Carl Pierson Float has to be clean and cared for after parades. We are working hard to have them ready. Music, drinks, ice, etc. are duties of the float committee.

Toilet demonstration will be necessary. Ladies restroom is a little more complicated than men’s.

New members are welcomed to sign up to any and all committees...


T. Flentroy – Keeper of Fire 7 and one of the original members. She is also a member of a dance group. On 8/7-8/10 SB Steppers will have an event consisting of different events. That Friday night 8/8 is a special Mardi Gras night at Diamond Jacks. She would like Krewe members to come. We can showcase our Krewe and maybe motivate people to come back during the Coronation or Ball. If current royalty would come in costumes and members come in their Krewe jackets. 10 is the cost of the event. They would like to the second line.

Verna – BTW 1963 is doing a fundraiser for a school reunion leaving Saturday on 8/9 at 8AM from school until 4:30 PM. $20 is ticket cost. It will go to Paragon on other side of Alexander. They would like to have at least 40 people.

Captain most information is available on the website. Please start getting tables and tickets.

Adjourned 7:14 PM.

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