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  About Us...
The Krewe of Sobek is dedicated to bringing the time-honored traditions and experience of Mardi Gras to the inner city.  We are a non-profit, social and charitable organization founded in April 2003. The Krewe’s goals are to support organizations that provide a helpful hand to those in need within our community. Also, to provide fellowship among the members and the community, take part in charitable and non-political civic causes and participate in various parades and celebrations in the Louisiana area.
Fantastic Voyage (2010)

 April 1, 2003 

 August 14, 2003: 

 September 7, 2003 

 February 6, 2004:

 February 7, 2004: 

 November 6, 2004:

 January 7, 2005: 

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 January 10, 2009​

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September 11, 2015

Nine (9) individuals created a new Mardi Gras Krewe in Shreveport, La.
                Francis Flentroy*                    Mike Flentroy                    Carl Pierson                    Linda Holden
                Saundra Bigham                    Fred Moss IV                     Wanda Flourry*               Jerome Scroggins
                                                                               Lyndon B. Johnson

The Krewe of Sobek was approved by the Internal Revenue.

Held its first Coronation, introducing the Captain & Royalty
        Francis Flentroy named Captain I

Held its first Ball, “An Evening on the Nile”

1st predominantly African American Mardi Gras Krewe to parade with its own float in the African American History 
        Parade in Shreveport, La .

Paraded in the Grambling State University Homecoming 

Held its Bal II, “Rio on the Red” 

Held its 1st Annual Krewe of Sobek Mardi Gras parade in Shreveport

3rd Sobek Coronation at the Shreveport Convention Center
        Carl Pierson named Captain II

Participated in the Paint Your Heart Out community 

4th Annual Coronation

3rd Annual Mardi Gras parade held in the Queensborough neighborhood
        Grande Marshal: Mayor Cedric Glover, first African-American Mayor for the City of Shreveport

5th Annual Coronation held at the Shreveport Riverview 
        Fred Moss IV named Captain III

4th Annual Mardi Gras parade held in the Queensborough neighborhood here in Shreveport LA. 
        Grande Marshal: Chief Tgobe Asogli II, Ewe Tribe of Asogli Traditional Council, Volta Region, Ghana, West Africa     
        (American Name, Ernest Lampkins)

5th Annual Mardi Gras parade held in the Queensborough Neighborhood in Shreveport LA. 
        Parade Marshals this year were Bernice Whitehurst and Mamie Wallace, Civil Rights workers here in the City of               Shreveport. Grande Marshal was the City of Shreveport Police Chief, Henry Whitehorn

7th Annual Coronation held at the Shreveport Riverview Hall.
        Casandra Smith named Captain IV

​9th Annual Coronation held 
        Michael Harris named Captain V

13th Annual Coronation held
        Tari Bradford named Captain VI
        Gary Theus named Co-Captain